Best way to store DNA?

Conrad R Fjetland fjetland at
Tue Jul 14 14:23:47 EST 1998

Granger L. Ridout (granger.ridout at wrote:
: Please forgive this possibly dumb question, but what is the best way to
: store (environmental samples) bacterial DNA after EtOH precipitation?  I
: am looking for long-term (6 months) as well as short-term (few days)
: storage.  Is it best to leave the DNA pellet dried and stored at -70C
: (or liquid nitrogen?), resuspended in deionized water or TE and frozen,
: or resuspended and stored at -20/0C?  Again, please forgive my
: ignorance.  And thanks!

: G.L.Ridout

The way we always stored our DNA samples was in TE  at 4 C.  I never 
freeze my DNA for fear of nicking during the thawing process (This is just
personal preference). DNA is such astable molecule, you could conceivably
leave it on your bench top and have no problems.

Conrad R. Fjetland

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