Best way to store DNA?

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>: Please forgive this possibly dumb question, but what is the best way to
>: store (environmental samples) bacterial DNA after EtOH precipitation?  I
>: am looking for long-term (6 months) as well as short-term (few days)
>: storage.  Is it best to leave the DNA pellet dried and stored at -70C
>: (or liquid nitrogen?), resuspended in deionized water or TE and frozen,
>: or resuspended and stored at -20/0C?  Again, please forgive my
>: ignorance.  And thanks!
>: G.L.Ridout
>The way we always stored our DNA samples was in TE  at 4 C.  I never 
>freeze my DNA for fear of nicking during the thawing process (This is just
>a personal preference). DNA is such astable molecule, you could conceivably
>leave it on your bench top and have no problems.

	Most DNA samples still contain residual nuclease activity, even af-
ter purification.  It is probably wisest to store them at 4 degrees rather
than at room temperature.

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