Best way to store DNA?

Mark Spanevello mark at
Wed Jul 15 19:00:23 EST 1998

What about storing in 70% ethanol.  This would serve your purposes, however
it is not that user-friendly as you still need to precipitate and resuspend
the DNA before you use it.


Mark Spanevello
mark at
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Granger L. Ridout wrote:

> Please forgive this possibly dumb question, but what is the best way to
> store (environmental samples) bacterial DNA after EtOH precipitation?  I
> am looking for long-term (6 months) as well as short-term (few days)
> storage.  Is it best to leave the DNA pellet dried and stored at -70C
> (or liquid nitrogen?), resuspended in deionized water or TE and frozen,
> or resuspended and stored at -20/0C?  Again, please forgive my
> ignorance.  And thanks!
> G.L.Ridout

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