Interest in "cold baths" or benchtop freezers?

Chris Boyd chrisb at
Thu Jul 16 08:36:36 EST 1998

Susan Jane Hogarth (sjhogart at wrote:
: Is there any interest out there in a peltier-cooled "ice bucket" or 
: "benchtop freezer"? Perhaps such a thing has already been developed? I 
: envision something that looks like a hot block but that can be used as an 
: ice bucket. Rather like using a thermal cycler to do ligations, but it 
: would be able to keep a -20c temp. - it would probably have a lid to keep 
: water from condensing and freezing, would have interchangeable aluminum 
: blocks, and would be electronically controlled.

: A nifty idea would be to have a peltier unit between a hot block and a 
: cold block, so you could have -both- at once - but of course temp 
: regulation in one would be at the mercy of the other.

: Anyway, can anyone see a use for such a beast? Willing to pay how much? 
: Perhaps 250.00 US?

It may or may not be exactly what you describe, but take a look at
Nature vol. 394 pp. 1-104 (2 July 1998 issue). There is a whole page ad
near the beginning of the issue for Taitec "Thermoelectric cooling
buckets". One is low-tech and just uses beads instead of ice in a fixed
temperature cooler (+2 degrees) for USD 490. They also offer for USD
690 a high-tech device called an "e-Cooling Bucket" which looks like it
is driven by a Peltier unit. Unfortunately it cannot be set to cool
below ice-cold (adjustable range +2 --> +20), which to my mind (given
the cost) makes it a less attractive proposition.

The US email address is: taitec at

It's quite possible you saw this already and have suffered from a brief
bout of cryptamnesia.

(I have no connection with the company.)

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