15-N labelled proteins from baculovirus system??

Thomas L. Selby tselby at chemistry.ohio-state.edu
Fri Jul 17 13:28:36 EST 1998

Contact the isotope people at Cambridge Isotope labs, Isotech and Martek.  
They all have defined media for growing under specific conditions, and I am 
sure that they could tell you about anything that have been done in this area. 
 I remember hearing about some 13C, 15C growth in CHO cells to isolate some 
proteins.  This was a collaboration between the research lab and the isotope 
labs (and was BIG $$$$$$$$$).


In article <35AF2BDC.E0ADE658 at silmu.cc.jyu.fi>, Piia Karisola 
<karpiia at silmu.cc.jyu.fi> wrote:
>Does anybody know, how, or it is possible at all to produce 15-N and
>13-C labelled proteins for NMR structure analysis, in insect cells
>during baculovirus infection?

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