Question on Liquid vs. Solid Media with Invitrogen's TOPO-10 bacteria!

Fri Jul 17 17:20:12 EST 1998

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> Hello,
>  I'm a summer student at a local molecular biology lab and I was
> wondering whether anyone else was having difficulty growing colonies up
> in LB liquid medium, in comparison to LB--agar medium (both with 50ug/ml
> ampicillin).  I also attempted to grow up the colonies in SOC medium
> (50ug/ml ampicillin), SOC medium (50ug/ml kanamycin) - which
> incidentally yielded one successful culture, it was the control clone
> however.
>   Having altered the antibiotic and the medium type I'm at a loss for
> why I can't get growth from the liquid medium; whereas on LB-agar plates
> (50ug/ml) [my colony source], growth did occur.  I'm using Invitrogen's
> TOPO-10 bacteria from the TOPO-TA "Five Minute Cloning" kit).
>   Does *anyone* have any suggestions???

only one guess - maybe you're adding the abiotic to the plate media before
you cool it and the heat is destroying the antibiotic and the growth you get
is not real and would not occur if the aB is at full strength. Other than
that, I commend you on a well written question. You seem to have a firm grasp
on the problem. Call invitrogen and ask them!


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