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All Natural Energizer 
Reduce Sugar Cravings 
Burn the Fat While You Keep the Muscle
Eat the Foods You Love  • Preferred by Fitness Experts
100% Safe and Natural

                                                      AN INCREDIBLE NUTRITIONAL BREAKTHROUGH!

	 I know what you're thinking. I felt the same way at first, but I found that there  is finally a way to trim down
 and shed unwanted fat without all the hassles of a diet and strenuous exercise. Yes, there’s actually a way to firm 
up without giving up the food you love. And it’s so easy! I just take one THERMO-LIFT capsule twice a day…and that’s it!
 Sure, exercise and daily activity will contribute to your results, but they’re not required! And just think…no messy
 powders or mixes. No starvation. No rationing your food by the ounce.  THERMOLIFT  improves your metabolism
 so your body burns the excess fat!  I actually noticed my clothes fitting better before I noticed the pounds coming off! 


  Anyone who has struggled to lose weight can tell you diets alone don't work! That’s because your size, or your
 weight, has more to do with your metabolism than what you eat.
 Changes International has designed a product that works several ways to help you achieve maximum results
 from your weight-loss program. This unique blend of herbs, botanicals and Chromium Picolinate improves your
 metabolism so your body relies more on stored body fat and less on stored proteins. 


 On a typical diet, up to 30% of lost weight is muscle. Losing muscle lowers your metabolic rate and slows the burning 
of calories. This lower metabolic rate also makes it hard to keep lost pounds from creeping back. Result: the Yo-Yo 
syndrome! You know, up and down…up and down.   After each lose-gain cycle the proportion of fat actually increases! 

 To break this vicious cycle, it is important to lose only fat while maintaining… or even increasing… muscle! Our unique
 formula is a specialized combination of herbs and botanicals coupled with the best source of chromium available.
 Patented Chromium Picolinate, a bio-active chromium with clinically proven benefits, is vital to good health and is
 essential for the effective functioning of insulin.

Studies have shown chromium nutrition to be an effective part of LONG-TERM fat loss programs!


Three million readers of Cosmopolitan read a discussion of Chromium Picolinate's value for dieters under the
 headline, "A Miracle Mineral?".
The cholesterol-reducing effect of Chromium Picolinate was highlighted in Ladies Home Journal.
Longevity magazine has praised it as a safe alternative to anabolic steroids. 
A large number of publications for athletes and health food shoppers have also run feature articles on Chromium
Picolinate, including: Prevention, Today’s Living, Total Health and Muscular Development.


Several double-blind crossover studies conducted along with clinical and laboratory tests at a leading university
and hospital have proven that the ingredients in THERMO-LIFT are effective. Without changing dietary or exercise
habits over a 6-week period, subjects in separate studies lost an average of 23% body fat or approximately 4.4
pounds of fat, and increased lean body mass by 1.5 pounds.People over the age of 46 did even better, and women 
seemed to do the best!   People with elevated cholesterol levels averaged a 10% drop in LDL cholesterol.


  Chromium Picolinate, Bee Pollen, Astralagus, Licorice Root, Ginger Root, Rehmannia Root, Siberian Ginseng,
 Ma Huang Extract, Gotu Kola, Bladderwrack, White Willow Bark, Guarana Extract and Reishi Mushroom. All
 ingredients are formulated and synergistically blended to be both 100% safe and effective. THERMO-LIFT is
 manufactured and bottled by a 25 year-old, pharmaceutical company and all FDA standards have been met or

 Siberian Ginseng: Good source of energy and endurance. Increases physical and mental vigor.

 Ma Huang extract: Helps to increase energy, improve circulation, control appetite and decongest. The Chinese use
 it for treatment of asthma and other respiratory disorders. Guarana extract: Increases mental alertness and fights
 fatigue—a very high energy source. Rehmannia Root: Used to treat anemia, fatigue, and to promote the healing of
 bones. Astralagus: Acts as a tonic to protect the immune system and increases metabolism. Bee Pollen: Effective
 for combating fatigue, depression, and colon disorders.


 "My name is Denita Kellet. In just 18 months, I have been able to lose 212 pounds and over 52 inches over my
 entire body! I have a non-functioning thyroid and for years have fought a losing battle with a bad weight problem.
 Then I found THERMO-LIFT!    This product has greatly enriched my life and my health. I wish everybody could
 feel as good as I feel. I'm a lot more active and able to play with my family. All I can say is, thanks 110%
 THERMO-LIFT for what you've done for me and my life." 
 Denita went from 340 pounds to 128 pounds in 18 months. Before and after pictures available

     "My name is Misty McDonald. I'm a twenty-two year old working mother of two children. In just five months I have
 lost an amazing seventy pounds. I dropped an incredible sixteen dress sizes! At 180 pounds, I was very unhappy
 and depressed. I felt very insecure about myself and really didn't like to go outside the house. Then I found
 THERMO-LIFT and what a difference it has made in my life! Thank you THERMO-LIFT for changing my life and making
 me feel complete."
 Misty went from 180 pounds to 110 pounds in only 5 months. Before and after pictues available.

     "I have been examined by my doctor and my weight loss has blown his mind! People that I used to work with, 
and even some family members, have trouble recognizing me. I wish everyone that is overweight could be sent my
way so that I could talk to them. Maybe I could be of help, since I’ve lost 150 pounds so far."
Kenny went from 350 pounds to 200 pounds. Before and after pictures available!

     "I started taking THERMO-LIFT March 1st of this year. My sister just kept after me. I felt happy eating, and did not 
want to change my life, so I didn't. I just took THERMO-LIFT and kept eating. I noticed my clothes getting looser on me, 
but I haven't kept a scale in my house for over ten years. The middle of May, I found a commercial scale and weighed
myself. I had lost 50 pounds, in just 2 1/2 months! I celebrated by buying myself a new pair of jeans. I went from a
size 48 waist to a size 42!   The best part is I am a non insulin-dependent diabetic and was taking 10 mg of diabeta
every day to control my blood sugar. I monitor my blood sugar myself, and with THERMO-LIFT my sugar level went 
below 70 for the first time in years. My doctor has now taken me off my medication, and THERMO-LIFT is keeping up 
very good. I still watch it closely, but I hate to be chemically dependent like that. I thank my sister every week for
turning me on to THERMO-LIFT."
Bernie has lost 60 pounds so far and is still going!

     "Over the last 10 years, I have tried a variety of weight loss methods, spent thousands of dollars and failed at all 
of them. By December 1995, I was the heaviest I had ever weighed 235 pounds. I had no energy. My self-esteem had
hit rock bottom… I was introduced to CHANGES INTERNATIONAL  and THERMO-LIFT and have never looked back! My
energy level has boosted and my weight loss increased… In total I have lost 70 pounds and went from a size 22 to a
size 12. The amazing part it's so easy!
Becky went from 235 pounds to 165 pounds. Before and after pictures available!



Experience the incredible changes Thermo-Lift can make in YOUR life. 
			With your order, you will receive a one month supply of 60 capsules. 
				No diet is included because none is needed! 

			Your small investment of only $29.95 plus $3.00 S&H will start you on the 
				path to a NEW YOU for about a dollar a day. 

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your purchase price (less S&H) will be 
cheerfully refunded upon return of the unused portion.


Only by starting THERMO-LIFT immediately can you begin to feel the boost in energy and the increased fat burning
efficiency of your new metabolic rate. Be prepared to experience a bit of a "spring" in your step when you use
THERMO-LIFT and remember if you find it CURBING YOUR APPETITE, don’t blame me. You were warned!


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Also available:
an alternative supplement for those who desire weight loss without the energizing effects of THERMO-LIFT. 
Changes NOW.  A revolutionary combination of fibers, enzymes, vitamins and minerals designed to attract
 and hold fats and remove them from the digestive tract

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