Cheaper alternative to Centrisep Spincolumns?

Bjorn P. eped at
Tue Jul 21 12:11:18 EST 1998

Take a look at Edge Biosystems at:

Their coloumn might be of interest.

Bjorn P

Dom Spinella skrev i meldingen <35ABCE01.239C at>...
>Paul Kowalski writes:
>> Hi-
>> we've found a very significant cost involved in fluorescent sequencing
>> is the Princeton Seperations CentriSep spincolumns for purifying the
>> PerkinElmer BigDye reactions prior to loading on the ABI. Currently they
>> cost us a bit over $350CDN/100 tubes. We've tried using Biorad G50
>> spincols (much cheaper) but they don't work well. Does anyone have
>> suggestions for a cheaper alternative?
>> BTW, if anyone out there is doing Perkinelmer BigDye sequencing
>> chemistry and hasn't seen Bruce Roe's page on ways to do it
>> better/cheaper, you should check it out:
>If you like the results you get from CentraSep columns, you can always
>"roll your own" by re-packing them with DNA-grade Sephadex G-50.  The
>easiest way to do this is to pour out the Sephadex from a prepacked
>column into a microfuge tube.  Mark the level of Sephadex in the tube
>with a Sharpie and cut off the top of the microfuge tube to the line
>with a sharp razor blade.  You now have a "scoop" for measuring out the
>correct quantity of Sephadex to re-pack (glue on a pipet tip as a
>"handle" if you like, or just use a clamp or forceps as the handle).  To
>re-use the columns, simply let the Sephadex dry out in a used column and
>dump out the dry pellet (it shrinks and falls right out when dry).  Then
>rinse the columns in water, sonicate for a few minutes in distilled
>water, and allow them to dry. Re-pack with dry Sephadex using your
>homemade spatula and you're all set for the next round. I'm sure the
>folks at Princeton Seps won't like it, but it works fine and its much
>cheaper. Cheers. --Dom Spinella

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