skin contact with acrylamide

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There is a very simple trick to avoid exposure while weighing out

Get a container with a lid
Tare that container
In the fume hood, put acrylamide into the container
Close the container, and wipe off any dust on the outside with a damp
paper towel
Weigh the closed container

That way, you don't get exposed, and neither does the unsuspecting pers=
on who enters the lab while you're weighing out acrylamide.


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I agree with Annette.
I have been doing the same things for years, plus:
 -  wear gloves
 -  wipe fumehood with a damp cloth / paper towel
 -  dispose of the gloves, damp cloth and the weighing container with
lid as biohazard waste.
And, I am still alive, with apparently no symptoms of acrylamide
toxicity...... well, maybe some memory loss at exams.  :-)

I have learnt quite a bit following this thread, but it's getting away
 from the discussion on how to appropriately handle acrylamide, which
is more interesting and relevant.
Let's end the topic here, pls, okay ?
Or, maybe we can continue at the Toxicology newsgroup.  ;-)

Long Live Pre-Cast PolyAcrylamide Gels !!!!!
Glory to whoever started selling Pre-Cast Gels !!!!!

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