How to PAGE purify oligos?

Mike Gruidl gruidlme at
Wed Jul 22 07:10:25 EST 1998

Another way is to do UV shadowing.  Basically use denaturing PAGE to
size fractionate the entire oligo sample, use a minigel or protein gel
for this.  Transfer gel to plastic wrap.  Place wrapped gel on a
fluorescent TLC plate and use a hand held UV light to visualize the dark
non-fluorescent area where your oligo is on the gel.  Mark with a pen
and cut out the gel piece.  Elute the oligo in buffer overnight at 37C.
Precipitate and suspend in the buffer you want.  Usually you get about a
50% yeild.  Usually someone in a department will have a few plates
around.  One plate will last you a long time.  This works for RNA as
well when making riboprobes.

Mike Gruidl

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