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Patrick F.H. Lai wrote:
> I am looking for an alternative to Stratagen's Stratacoolers for storin=
> g
> enzymes. Yes, I've used foam boxes in the past, but my boss likes the
> Stratacoolers for maintaining the enzymes at -10C in a frost free
> freezer. 

Construct your own cooler!!

You may fill a molecular biology box from Boehringer Mannheim with that
gelatinous paste is inside of some shipping coolers, removing the
punched foam thing which holds the tubes. Put back the foam, with
eppendorf tubes, making holes in the paste. Freeze it and remove the
tubes: the holes will remain. Now you can fill the holes with the tubes
of the enzimes and... voila! 

We use that boxes form MB, but I guess you may use some similar thing:
it is a plastic box with a foam rack inside for the tubes; the kits from
BM usually include one, or you can buy them cheap. Also, for the
gelatinous thing, you may buy comercial collers for pic-nic. A more neat
way is to put on the gelatine a saran wrap or parafilm to advoid direct
contact of the gelatine with the tubes.


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