Fire ? Re: skin contact with acrylamide

Patrick F.H. Lai pfhlai at LOOKSMART.COM
Thu Jul 23 00:58:43 EST 1998

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... I don't mean to be insensitive, but I just can't believe
anyone would be so foolish as to poison themselves and then post to a
newsgroup and sit around waiting for a response before dealing with the=

situation.  What does this person do when the lab is on fire?  Post to
alt.sci.physics to see what is the best way to extinguish it?  Four day=
later the lab is a pile of smoldering cinders and our friend is still
sitting patiently at the computer waiting for a bunch of over-educated
knuckle-heads to finish arguing over the theoretical combustibility of

Marc Crepeau
<mwcrepeau at>
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Dear Marc,

If this does indeed happen, your friend sitting patiently at the 
computer must have received some really good response so that he / she
and the computer in the lab can become fire-proof !!!  :-)

FYI, the original poster, Helene, did wash her arm with soap and 
water, as any sensible person would do.  She apparently posted her msg =

afterwards to ask if things would get worse.

How are you, Helene ?  Seen a doctor yet ?
Hope everything's alright.



LookSmart =85 or keep looking.

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