genomic DNA in plasmid prep

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> > letting it sit too long in the alkaline lysis buffer


> This may not work on Sundays or Tuesdays or whenever your time is most
> pressed. :) I've yet to find any way of ridding samples of chromosomal
> once its in the prep. (Tried some acid phenol, which can work if the
> plasmid is not also removed.)
> If you can solve this, you will be a hero. (Plese E-mail me if you have
> a clue).

Has anyone tried the PLasmid-safe enzyme from Epicentre I think? I got a
flyer about it once. They have some sort of exonuclease that digests
linear dsDNA and closed circular ssDNA and linear ssDNA, but can't touch
nicked/closed-circular/supercoiled DNA. 

Never tried it myself, but it might do the job you want. Love to hear if
it works.



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