"Expiration" of proprietary glass binding resins?

Richard P. Grant see_sig at cmtech.co.delete.uk
Thu Jul 23 02:08:16 EST 1998

Hi Jim,

I don't know what's in QIAGEN's reagent, but we sell a gel-extraction kit
that contains a light-sensitive reagent that will go off over time.  We
also provide a chemical that will regenerate the sensitive reagent.  Maybe
this is where QIAGEN's kit falls down.

I don't know if I'm allowed to tell you what our reagent is, but I'm sure
you could work it out ;-)


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: Hello again,
: Back in the days when DNA binding spin columns and "glassmilk" were
: first gaining popularity, I had the distinct and clear experience of the
: loss of DNA binding activity of the proprietary resin of the Bio 101
: "GeneClean" kit after about a year in the refrigerator.
: Now come 1998, and letting down my guard, I began to heavily rely on the
: Quiagen Quiaquick column to remove primers following PCR. This worked
: flawlessly for about 8 months, when suddenly I begin to experience
: random sample loss or greatly (0.1X) reduced recovery in about half of
: cases.

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