skin contact with acryl amide

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Thu Jul 23 11:54:32 EST 1998

just two, no three remarks:=20

1) the original poster seems to be a quite nervous/sensitive and not
"lab-experienced" please don=B4t go over her and her sorrows
just to show how smart YOU are!

2) + 3) as i read some people think the discussion of two arrogant assholes
(excuse my german as you americans might say) is entertaining. this kind of
"i know everything dominant animal" is making me sick. it is quite obvious
that they don=B4t have to do anything serious. the only positive thing about
their public XXX (not even a german would write this in clear text) is,
that their environment will not have to suffer from them because they are
writing the whole day silly statements.

best wihes to peters and howevers collegues

m. cattaruzza  (also a male dominant....)=20

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