skin contact with acrylamide

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Thu Jul 23 08:27:55 EST 1998

In article <35B6E9C7.6694 at>, Bryan L. Ford wrote:

<snip interesting stuff to get to the *interesting* stuff, IYKWIM>

Ahhh, *here* it is...

>(Note for the News reader interested in acrylamide toxicity: From here
>down there is only personal motives, commentary, history, no science or
>would-be science)

*rubs hands together in glee*

>Peter wrote:
>> I am currently working in liver
>> regeneration/cancer. 
>Interesting, much of my dissertation deals with liver tumors. It would
>have been interesting to be able to look at my model with regeneration
>as a variable. Maybe the next grad or post-doc here will come with some
>expertise in this area.

Ugh. Too polite. *sigh* Perhaps the *next* section will afford some 
amusement. Let's read on...

>> > Some areas of interest/expertise:
>> Expertise impies that you have published in these feilds.  Just out of
>> curiousity have you? 
>Interest/expertise was intended to imply for me that I have one or the
>other, or some combination of both. Here is a bit of detail, at the risk
>of boring all who read:

Yes! It *was* boring! What's up, Bryan, not up to the challenge of a good 
_Ad Hominem_ exchange? Getting a little too toasty in that 
flame-retardant suit? Are you reduced to falling back on the social 
niceties to further dicourse?

Or are you just a *nice guy*? Sheesh. What a letdown for the spectators!

>> I feel that WE are beginning to
>> waste space on this Newsgroup.
>I tend to agree. Patrick F.H. Lai politely wrote as much. However I
>notice Susan Hogarth, whose opinions always seem quite sensible,

Oh, puh-leeeze! Do you think I am so naive as to not see such blatant 
blandishments for what they are? *ME*? Sensible? You are the first to 
level *that* particular charge against me, sir!

> ... is very
>entertained by the "pissing contest".

Yeah, but it begins to grow dull. Can't you throw some spaghetti or 
something to liven it up?

> I am not interested in
>argument for its own sake.

REALLY? I've *heard* of people like you - very interesting to actually 
meet one ...

> I wish to encourage fellow workers to be safe
>rather than sorry. I hope that no one has gone the other direction
>because of my style.

Well, in line with the rest of your post, *this* isn't very funny, 
either. But I must say, I do agree! :-)

Susan ( )
"It is certainly true that education can do only so much, 
and rarely makes any change that depends on the education 
of the intellectually deficient."    S.Hasting

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