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> > FYI, the original poster, Helene, did wash her arm with soap and 
> > water, as any sensible person would do.  She apparently posted her msg =
> > afterwards to ask if things would get worse.
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> > How are you, Helene ?  Seen a doctor yet ?
> > Hope everything's alright.
> > 
> > TakeCare
> Yeah, and don't forget to stay well far away from any source of ammonium
> persulphate and TEMED!
Or even riboflavin, although not commonly used as an initiator to the
polymerization of acrylamide, it is quite effective.  And since the PH of
the body is not acidic, one can expect little inhibition by PH.

And just to be accurate, APS is all that is needed to intiate
polymerization, TEMED is simply an "accelerator.  Another less commonly
used accelerator is 3- dimethylamino-propionitrile(DMAPN)



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