Thermocyclers - Your opinion

Rafael Maldonado rmaldonado at
Fri Jul 24 08:26:51 EST 1998

Sebastian Bunka wrote:
> We use the Perkin Elmer geneamp 2400 system (3 years old) and it is
> running w/out problems. 24 tubes, heated lid, oil free operation
> cooling/heating rate very fast, graphical display. But the best ist
> that this thing can cool to 4 degC !! (keeps your PCR reactions cool
> overnight, cool down your RT reaction, ligate at 14 degC, and much
> more). I love that! Most other cyclers I've seen
> can cool down only to room temp +3 degC.

We are using Techne's Progene model. It is not so easy to program as the
Perking Elmer 2400, but it is much cheaper... 25 tubes (not in
microtiter array, though) and it can reach 4ºC


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