Transfection of HepG2 cells

Ram krishna at
Fri Jul 24 07:31:14 EST 1998

Has anybody transfected HepG2 cells with SV40-CAT or CMV enhanced
tk-CAT? I have done several transfections and I've used the CAT ELISA
kit by Boehringer-Mannheim to detect CAT activity, my readings are very
low for CAT, but are good for beta-gal, any ideas?
thanks for any advice, kathy


I tried transfecting HepG2 cells with a SV40 CAT and assayed using BM
CAT ELISA kit. The SV40 enhancer gave me good activity but when I
cotransfected a CMV based expression plasmid along with CAT reporter
construct I didn't get any activity at all even though these reporters
and the expression plasmids have been tested before The CMV-Beta gal
plasmid I use does express.

I did all the experiments using CaPO method.


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