C. Griffin aniya at
Tue Jul 28 18:37:13 EST 1998

Hello Brian and Paul,

Thank you first for your response. Frankly I agree with you in some
respects regarding the choice of Listserv vs. a Usenet group. However,
I've now 30+ subscribers on as of this weekends launch. My understanding
was that to set-up a Usenet group was a rather involved process,  whereas
I had the benefit computer support servies to set-up the Listserv. For
now, given the launch and response,  we will retain the listserv; I will
however post whatever is necessary to "steer" people to focus and forgo
the silly and inane hence keeping all our mailboxes as lean as possible.
Should this fail I, given my own time, will pursue a Usenet group format,
which is my personal preference as well. Let us see how it goes. 

Again, thank you


Chandi Griffin
San Francisco

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