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>Dear friends,
>I'd like to do some coupled in vitro transcription/translation assay
>from PCR products. My template cDNA is in pAD-GAL4, an activation domain
>two-hybrid vector from Stratagene. Unfortunately, this vector has a T7
>promotor downstream of the insert, so it is of no use for my purposes.
>That's why I thought to try a PCR approach with a SP6 promotor included
>into the forward primer, but I am not sure about the reverse primer.
>Has it necessarily to be placed within the ADH1 terminator so that it
>contains some sort of termination signal,or does the polymerase kind
>of fall off the fragment anyway and the only thing necessary is a
>stop codon for the translation?
>Any hints would be appreciated.

Yes, SP6 will "fall off" the template, producing a run-off transcript.  This
should be translatable, assuming proper signals are present, such as a 5' cap
structure or IRES element.  Translation does appear to be affected by sequences
at the 3' end, so you may want to consider this when designing your template.
I highly doubt a nuclear polyA signal will do you much good though.  Best of

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