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John Ladasky <jladasky at pmgm.Stanford.EDU> wrote:
> >> 
> >> I have heard that even if it does cool to 4 degrees, that it is not a
> >> good idea to have the machine try to sustain that temperature for long
> >> periods of time (eg., overnight).  It is supposed to cause more wear
> >> and tear on the machine because it is actually designed to sustain
> >> temperatures higher than room temp most of the time and uses the
> >> cooling for achieving rapid changes in temperature, not to keep things
> >> below room temp.  Is this true??  
> >
> >I can't confirm/deny the truth of this but can only say that
> >I've been in a lab where a PE480 and a couple of PE9600's were
> >heavily used and were routinely left on 4degC soak overnight.
> >No problems (or at least problems associated with the heater/cooler)
> >developed.  YMMV, of course.

> 	Neither the P-E 480 nor the 9600 are cooled by Peltier devices,
> as I recall.  I think that the concern about extended cooling at 4 deg-
> rees is limited to thermal cyclers that use Peltier temperature control.
> There's a concern about the thermal element decoupling from the block in 
> a Peltier device.  Of course, some manufacturers of Peltier thermal
> cyclers say that they've solved these problems.
AFAIK, the PE 2400 doesn't use peltiers, too. It's using a compressor
cooling system like any refrigerator. We never had any problems with this.

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