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David Kristofferson kristoff at
Wed Jul 29 21:47:48 EST 1998


Although I am no longer officially affiliated with the BIOSCI project,
this would be an excellent topic to run under the bionet newsgroup
domain.  You can contact them at biosci-help at

Dave Kristofferson
ex-BIOSCI/bionet Manager

In article <aniya-2807981519050001 at>,
C. Griffin <aniya at> wrote:
>Hello Brian and Paul,
>Thank you first for your response. Frankly I agree with you in some
>respects regarding the choice of Listserv vs. a Usenet group. However,
>I've now 30+ subscribers on as of this weekends launch. My understanding
>was that to set-up a Usenet group was a rather involved process,  whereas
>I had the benefit computer support servies to set-up the Listserv. For
>now, given the launch and response,  we will retain the listserv; I will
>however post whatever is necessary to "steer" people to focus and forgo
>the silly and inane hence keeping all our mailboxes as lean as possible.
>Should this fail I, given my own time, will pursue a Usenet group format,
>which is my personal preference as well. Let us see how it goes. 
>Again, thank you
>Chandi Griffin
>San Francisco

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