Recipe for Phenol:guanidinium mix?

D. KIM dkim at NMSU.Edu
Wed Jul 29 11:07:28 EST 1998

The procedure was published in Analytical Biochemistry in the 1980's
(1983?) by Chomczynski and Sacchi (I may have the first name wrong).  It
is often called the "acid guanidinium-phenol-chloroform method".  The
published procedure is easily done, and quite effective for RNA.  DNA is
then extracted from the organic phase by buffering to pH 8, I think.
Protein is recovered from the organic phase by some other process,
probably very standard (I am a person who normally discards protein).

It is a good thing to look up the original procedures, as the authors
describe how they refined the technique, and what are the critical
parameters.  I am sure that the procedure is cited in numerous places.
Try a Medline search.

Daniel Kim
dkim at

Antonio R. Franco <bb1rofra at> wrote:
: Is anybody having success in making thier own phenol:guanidinium mix?
: Is that kind of reagent that let you to isolate at the same time RNA,
: DNA and proteins from the same samples.
: Any hints will be appreciated

: Antonio R. Franco
: Cordoba

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