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Rob Kern rkern at
Thu Jul 30 20:24:31 EST 1998

I saw your request for opinions and comments on thermal cyclers on
bionet. Eppendorf (which I represent) has introduced a new cycler called
the Mastercycler Gradient. It has a "universal" block which will accept
0.2ml, 0.5ml tubes as well as 96 well plates without requiring you to
change the block. It also is fully programmable and programs can be
stored on smart cards for safe-keeping and swapping between different
(Eppendorf) machines.

It also features (as the name implies) a gradient block system which
allows the user to program a temperature gradient (up to 20 degrees)
across the block to allow you to optimize your reaction temperatures in
fewer runs. It is licensed for PCR research use as long as you use
licensed enzymes. It uses more reliable peltier technology than many
models do, so over night holding at low temperatures should not be a

This unit was just released to the U.S. market through Fisher Life
Sciences this month, so I don't know if any U.S. researchers have had one
for more than a few weeks. But it has been on the European market for a
while and you may be able to get some comments from that arena.

If you would like any additional information on this device please feel
free to send me an e-mail, or look it up on our new U.S. web site at The specific location of the Mastercycler
specification sheet is:
[Hot linked if supported by your browser].

Good luck in your search!

Rob Kern
rkern at
Eppendorf Scientific, Inc.
One Cantiague Rd
Westbury, NY 11590

Smoothies wrote:

> We are considering buying a new thermocycler.
> We use PCR for cloning purposes, routinely but not on a large scale.
> I am after opinions on your favourite thermocycler(s) ie: what model,
> and why.
> I know this question is probably regularly posted but things are
> changing fast.
> If I get enough answers I will post a summary
> Claire Fenech (email: channels at
> Dpt of Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacology

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