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>      This story is certainly well told in Australia and is told with such
>      regularity and consistency that I would expect that it is true... any
>      Kiwi's want to comment?  I wondered when the NZ incident might be
>      mentioned in this fiery storm...!
>      I think it was added to the milk first, tho, and therefore the
>      coffee...
>      Marc wrote:
>      One of my lab mates is Australian and tells me that a while back a New
>      Zealand scientist was *deliberately* poisoned with acrylamide.
>      Apparently someone spiked his coffee with it, and although it didn't
>      kill him it screwed him up pretty good.  I don't know the details, or
>      even whether it is true.  Sounds like it could be apocryphal.  Has
>      anyone else heard about this?
>      > Have anybody ever seen, heard about etc. about anyone that got
>      serious > problems with acrylamide? Is there a statiscally documented
>      study about > the toxic effects of acrylamide in a lab (i.e. regular
>      use of
>      > acrylamide)?
>      >                                          thanks in advance, >
>      > Beny

I'm surprised no one has brought up the incident in San Diego where a lab was
poisoned with acrylamide in the coffee. (or did I miss this part of the
thread?) It was written in the "News" section of _Science_ awhile ago.	I
know some of the people involved, and it seemed to have no long-lasting

Nick Theodorakis

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