Q: Can you random prime a 250bp PCR product?

Heinz J. Schaefers schaefers at sun.XuchcX.edu
Thu Jul 30 15:26:58 EST 1998

Hi Makato,

i have tried to random label a pcr fragment of 305 bp for a northern probe,
but all i got was unspecific binding and high background on the northern blot.

After cloning the fragment in a TA cloning vector, and cutting it out again,
and random labelling, the probe i got was fine, no background, and no
unspecific bands.


Makoto Kamei wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am about to screen a mouse genomic DNA library constructed in EMBL3
> lambda vector. I have ~250bp PCR product made from mouse genomic DNA
> template. Is it possible to use this product as a probe for the screening?
> Is it possible to random prime this product to make a probe? Any help
> appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.
> Cheers,
> Makoto Kamei
> Makoto.Kamei at anu.edu.au

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