SDS and Ni2+ resin

Dr E. Buxbaum EB15 at
Thu Jul 30 13:06:07 EST 1998

Ian McFarlane wrote:
> What effect does SDS have on Ni2+ metal affinity columns. Does it merely
> interfere with the binding of the protein to the column or does it have
> some irreversible effect which would lead to the column being useless?

SDS will denature proteins, this may lead to exposure of previously
hidden binding sites for metall. It may be difficult to get all of the
SDS from the column afterwards, but even if that were the case the stuff
is relatively cheap nowadays and it should be no problem to have a
column dedicated to detergent use. I have used SDS with a Co2+ charged
NTA column (pretty pink!) a couple of years back without any untoward

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