Cloning of GST-E2F-1: HELP!

Andrew Ippolito aji97 at
Fri Jul 31 14:20:56 EST 1998

I am attempting to isolate various mutants of the E2F protein
grown up in pGEX in e.coli.  I have attempted this using
our standard protocol... 2 ml of overnight culture into 200 ml
LB, grown to an OD(600) of ~.5, addition of 1 mM IPTG, induced
for 3.5 hours, spun down, sonicated and freeze-thawed, washed
in NETN followed by Elution buffer, followed by elution buffer
with 30.7 mg glut. per 5 ml E.B.  
this is a rough outline.  
I did not get much of anything when i stained a SDS PAGE of the
samples.  Help! please send me a personal e-mail, as I do
not frequent this newsgroup very often.  Thank you in

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Dept. Molecular & Cellular Biology
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
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