Detergent B-PER???

Paul Digard pd1 at
Mon Jun 1 10:26:00 EST 1998

Re: Pierce's B-PER detergent mix for solubilising bug expressed protein

> Anyway, we lashed out and bought some to try (it's pretty damn
> expensive), and will hopefully know how it compares to good old
> sonication in a couple of days time.  I know at least one other person's
> interested in the stuff, so I'll post how we get on!

Well, I'm glad we only bought a small bottle of the stuff.  Side by side
comparisons (with lysozyme/sonication) for an MBP fusion protein which
expresses quite well, and a GST fusion which is problematic in terms of
poor yield and quality, and in both cases the B-PER produced  worse
results.  Lower yield for the MBP fusion, more degradation for the GST

I guess it might prove different for _your_ favourite proteins, but it
certainly wasn't a magic fix for ours.

> Cheers
> Paul Digard
> Division of Virology
> Department of Pathology
> University of cambridge

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