Asp-Pro cleavage by H+

Mich L lm11 at
Tue Jun 2 14:00:53 EST 1998

 i.mcfarlane at (Ian McFarlane) wrote...

 >Someone recently posted that the NH2-Asp-Pro-COOH bond was labile under
 >acid conditions. Is this true for the NH2-Pro-Asp-COOH pair as well? Also
 >does anyone have a protocol or set of reaction conditions that can be used
 >to cleave the above peptide sequences?

A couple of years ago, I used formic acid to cut NH2-Asp-Pro-COOH bond, it
worked pretty good. In my protein, there were two NH2-Pro-Asp-COOH, they
were not cut at all, I guess NH2-Pro-Asp-COOH is not labile to acid
condition, at least in my experiment.

Hope this helps


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