Pooling RNA samples for differential display (DD)?

Randy Haun HaunRandyS at exchange.uams.edu
Tue Jun 2 14:18:54 EST 1998

We are trying to display transcripts differentially expressed between
tumor and normal tissue.  Rather than try perform a DD reaction with
each primer set (240 combinations) for each tumor sample, I thought it
would be better to perform DD on pools of tumor RNA (with the thought
that individual differences would be reduced, thus enhancing the display
of transcripts differentially expressed in the tumor population and
reducing the number of DD reactions that would have to be performed).  I
asked a company that specializes is DD and they did not like the idea of
pooling the RNAs (but, without an explanation).

So, my questions is . . . what do you think?  Is pooling the tumor (and
"normal") RNAs a bad idea or not?  Any input would be appreciated.


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