competent cells again!!

Wolfgang Schechinger wgschech at
Wed Jun 3 19:38:56 EST 1998

Glenn, thanks for your suggestion to filter sterilize. Do you have to
dilute it before or does 100% glycerol go through the membranes?

Your aldehyde theory sounds reasonable. Have you ever put your nose 
into a bottle of autoclaved glycerol? Probably some glycerol cleaves 
off water and turns into acrolein (a toxic lachrymator when 
exposed to in higher concentrations). At least it smells alike.


 In the past I have
> found that it is better to filter sterilize the glycerol solutions
> than autoclave them as the autoclaving apparently turns enough of
> the glycerol into aldehydes etc for it to be toxic - maybe a chemist
> will correct me I don't know, but I couldn't get bugs to grow on
> autoclaved media containing glycerol, but they would grow fine if
> the glycerol was filtered.
> Good luck
> Glenn
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