Probe purification (gel shift and footprinting)

Jakobs f1221 at CC.NAGASAKI-U.AC.JP
Wed Jun 3 19:11:35 EST 1998

At 3:41 PM 98.6.3, 葡ic Trottier wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm purifying my double stranded oligoprobes from free nucleotides and
> single stranded oligo by elution after migration on a polyacrylamide gel.
> It takes a lot of time but it's clean.  I need those probes for gel shift
> analysis and DNA footprinting.
> I want to know if someone use an alternative protocol, or kit, or columns
> that works faster and give a good purification.  I will appreciate it
> greatly.
> Can I also use those alternative protocols with a probe derived from a DNA
> fragment (170 bp)?
> Thanks in advance.
> Eric.


you can use columns for probe purification (oligos or longer fragments).
Premade columns from 5`->3` worked well, but also you can make your
own Sephadex G50 spin columns.

Best Regards


Dr. T. Jakobs
University of Nagasaki
Department of Human Genetics
Nagasaki, Japan

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