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Wed Jun 3 16:59:43 EST 1998

On Tue, 02 Jun 1998 13:42:46 GMT, theodorn at

>It also crashes Netscape Communicator 4.04 on my system.  And this is the most
>stable version I've had yet.
>Nick Theodorakis
>Georgetown University Medical School
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Any chance it's a problem with the "Welcome to Tripod..." pop-up?  The
site works fine under IE 3.02 and Netscape 4.02 on both my work
(486Sx/50) and home machines (Pentium laptop). However, on a friends
Pentium desktop at work, whenever we close the pop-up, SNAP, we get a
browser error (working with Netscape 3.something).  It's similar to
crashes I've had on GeoCities sites I've seen since they started
having a pop-up on their members sites.  Just wondering...

Cheers, Michael

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