Source of vaccinia DNA Topoisomerase ?

Martin Messerle Messerle at
Wed Jun 3 05:10:43 EST 1998


I am looking for a source of vaccinia DNA topoisomerase. I know
Invitrogen is selling Topo Cloning Kits (they work very well and are
quite expensive :-((   ), however one is restricted to the provided
vectors with these kits. In the original paper (Shuman, J.Biol.Chem. 51,
32678-32648. 1994.) Shuman described a way how to use topoisomerase for
cloning in any vector; primers have to be modified in a certain way,
then, topoisomerase will bind to the PCR product.
However, this requires that somebody provides the enzyme.
Does anybody know a source for vaccinia DNA topoisomerase?

Thanks for your help,

Dr. Martin Messerle
Max von Pettenkofer-Institute
Feodor-Lynen-Str. 25
81377 Munich, Germany

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