How to mount "Cy 2"?

Thorsten Schmidt Thorsten.Schmidt at
Wed Jun 3 14:46:37 EST 1998

Dear reader!

I would like to mount cells which were incubated 
with a Cy2-conjugated secondary antibody in an immunfluorescence

For FITC I used Vectashield (Vector) and made best experience.
Without Vectashield (in just PBS-Glycerol) the fluorescence fades away 
in seconds. But Vectashield prolonged the stability of the dye to hours.

I heard that it is tricky to mount Cy2 because some
fluorecence-stabilizer might react with the Cyanine-dye
and destroy it and 
that one must not use Vectashield.

So: Which other mounting medium can I use to mount Cy2?
(and where can I get it?)
Is it possible to add any fluorecence stabilizers?
Or is it not necessary to stabilize Cy2 because of the long (advertised)

Thank you so much in advance for an answer.

Thorsten Schmidt

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