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Thu Jun 4 03:35:43 EST 1998

In bionet.general Koen De Smet <k.desmet at> wrote:
> Roney Graf wrote:
> > In article <357538BD.5723DCF3 at>, Andy <yruNOSPAM at>
> > wrote:
> > > The page loads but as soon as the "little gladiator?" starts walking -
> > > My system crashes too! (NS4.07)
> >   Net$cape 2.02. Apple Mac LC, 10MB, System 7.1. Not exactly the most
> > advanced of configurations. No problems.
> Netscape 2.02. Apple Mac 6100/60, 16MB, System 7.5. Should be more 
> advanced than the above, but it crashed on accessing this page. Mind 
> you, it often crashes while accessing certain sites, so now I have a 
> list of pages that have a high likelyhood of crashing (including 
> home.netscape!)

And my Netscape 4.04 under Windows 95 crashed too.

Dag Stenberg

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