Stable Amino Acid Derivative for HPLC?

Phil Calvert calvert at
Thu Jun 4 13:19:45 EST 1998

In article <UnAF6FAiAmd1EAU$>, David Reeve
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> Aren't dansyl derivatives reasonably stable? I seem to remember seeing
> purified dansyl-amino acids in the Sigma catalogue.


That's a good point.  As I was looking over different possibilities last
night, I decided to look up the cost of dansyl-Cl in the Sigma catalog.  On
the same page were a bunch of dansyl derivatives of various amines and
amino acids.  So it would seem that they are reasonably stable, at least
when dry.  And the derivatization is very simple, which is a plus.  I'd say
that this derivative seems like a good candidate.


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