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> Dear Netters,
> Does anyone have (or know where i can find) a simple protocol for
> transgenic animal creation.
> My aim is to create transgenic animals in wich a reporter gene (i.e.
> Green Fluorescent Protein) would be under control of "my" promotor, in
> order to determine where and when "my" protein is expressed (there is
> still no specific Mab directed against this protein).
> Any advice will be appreciated
>          Harmegnies D.

We have a 1986 version of a manual from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
press called Manipulating the Mouse Embryo. May be they've put out a
newer version, you can check their website at

It has all the instructions you'll need for making transgenic mice, but
you'll have to spend alot of money on equipment.  You can send your
transgene to Genome Systems and they'll make a mouse for you for around
$7000 or thereabouts.

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