Deionized Formamide - A Mystery?

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Fri Jun 5 17:44:44 EST 1998

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  meyerdj at (Dr. David J. Meyer) wrote:
> What happens when formamide is deamidated? Answer: you get formic acid
> and ammonia!

And those of us old enough to remember Maxim-Gilbert sequencing may recall
that formic acid was used for one of the base-modification reactions (was it
G? or G+ A? - gee, it's been so long)

Nick Theodorakis

 JKGH at LELA.COM (GH) wrote:
> >Hi, I'm not sure exactly why it is important. It is probably to remove
> >other ions. The RNA loading buffer is at least 50% formamide so it is the
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> >> Hi all,
> >>
> >> Why is it so important for formamide to be deionized? Especially when

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