Deionized Formamide - A Mystery?

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Fri Jun 5 12:45:48 EST 1998

What happens when formamide is deamidated? Answer: you get formic acid
and ammonia!

JKGH at LELA.COM (GH) wrote:

>Hi, I'm not sure exactly why it is important. It is probably to remove
>other ions. The RNA loading buffer is at least 50% formamide so it is the
>major componnent. I do know if you do not use deionized formamide than you
>do not completely denature your RNA as detected on the gel. The RNA will
>look degraded sort of. It will run as a smear from the well to the bottom
>and needless to say it will not work in a northern. Hope this helps. gregg

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>> Hi all, 
>> Why is it so important for formamide to be deionized? Especially when 
>> it is used in buffers normally containing tons of ions?
>> Are there ionic decomposition products - ammonium ions and so on? 
>> How will these products affect RNA?
>> All input is welcome!
>> Wolfgang
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