Lambert-Beer Law and Proteinpolymers

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Fri Jun 5 22:22:46 EST 1998

In article <3574F8C9.554A at>, 007 at wrote:
>Hi Netters !
>I've read the Lambert-Beer Law does not apply
>to proteins which tend to build polymers. The conformational changes
>can influence the absorption spectra of the protein.

That's not what Lambert-Beer law is about. It says that the relationship 
between concentration and absorption is linear. That's all. I never heard
of any substance that would violate this law. 

The way you worded your question, it reads that some protein's 
absorption coefficient changes upon polymerization. Entirely possible
and not surprising at all. L-B law should still apply as long as it is 
true solution. 


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