RNA preps - looking for suggestions

Matthew L. Beyers mbeyers at achilles.net
Sat Jun 6 08:48:01 EST 1998

Hello all,

I'm currently doing GITC/Phenol/Chloroform RNA preps using Corex #8445
30 ml tubes and doing my spins at 10,000 RPM in a Sorvall SA-600 rotor.

I'm having a bit of a problem though in that sometimes the tubes shatter
during the spin, meaning that I lose all of my sample.  I've called
Fisher and they've said that the people that make Corex (Corning?) have
discontinued that tube and that there is no replacement available.

I was hoping that someone out there would have an idea for a substitute
for these tubes that is reasonably easy to see through (like the glass
of Corex) able to withstand phenol and chloroform and the high (~16,000
RCF) g forces necessary.  Any ideas?

Thanks a bunch,


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