mass spectroscopy

Karin Zerulla zeru at
Sat Jun 6 03:20:00 EST 1998

Hi netters!
I'm trying to purify a DNA-binding protein. After ion exchange
chromatography I'm using Dynabeads as the last purification step. The
DNA-binding activity is clearly detectable in the eluate (EMSAs). My
problem is that there is no band detectable in protein gels
I heard that it is possible to test samples with low protein quantity
with the method of mass spectroscopy, but the opinions seem to differ.
Someone said it's senseless, if I can't detect a band with
silverstaining. In this newsgroup I read that it's possible to sequence
quantities from femtomolar to picomolar quantities.
Since I have no idea about the method I would greatly appreciate any
comments. Which quantities can be measured? Is it possible to find out
how many different proteins are in the eluate?

Thank you very much in advance!

Karin Zerulla

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