High Sensitivity TLC Plate Radioactivity Scanners?

Phil Calvert calvert at EOS.NCSU.EDU
Sun Jun 7 23:12:41 EST 1998

I am looking for the names of TLC plate radioactivity scanners and their
manufacturers.  The type of scanner I am interested in has a very high
sensitivity (can detect spots containing 10 dpm or less).  Some of the
technical names for these types of instruments are multiwire proportional
counter, bioimaging analyzer, and phosphor imaging analyzer.  I know that
Packard sells an instrument called the "InstantImager," but I don't whether
it is sensitive enough.  Regardless, I would like to know what other
instruments are available.
Your assistance is very much appreciated.

Phil Calvert
calvert at eos.ncsu.edu

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