Purification of soil DNA

STEVE DESFOSSES abf356 at agora.ulaval.ca
Mon Jun 8 15:35:19 EST 1998

 I'm directly extracting the total genomic DNA from the rhizosphere of
the maize with an SDS-based extraction buffer. To purified the DNA, I'm
doing an electrophoresis gel ( low-melting agarose 0,8% + PVP 2%) of
the DNA to seperate it from the humic acid, as the first step. The DNA
band is then, as a second purification step, pass trough a wizard
minicolumn (Promega). I obtained the total genomic DNA, but, the DNA
isn't enough purified to obtain a good PCR product that can be digest. If
anyone can give me an hint or a way to get purified soil DNA, please let
me know.

Steve Desfosses
UniversitŽe Laval
Ste-Foy, QC

e-mail: abf356 at agora.ulaval.ca

PS: I've got the protocol for my extraction from: Zhou, Bruns, Tiedje.
1996. DNA recovery from soils of diverse composition. Applied and environ.
microbiology, vol 62,no. 2, p.316-322.         

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