Blunt ending??

Hiranya Roychowdhury hroychow at NMSU.EDU
Mon Jun 8 16:39:55 EST 1998

At 04:39 PM 6/8/98 GMT, jalali at wrote:
>I need to blunt end a linearized plasmid with a 5'
>overhang of 2 bases, as well as a fragment of DNA with a 5' overhang.
>The strategy I'm considering at the moment is digestion with Mung-bean
>nuclease. Any thoughts?
>Also, assuming this strategy is okay, will I need to kinase, so that I can
>ligate afterwards.
>Any info would be greatly appreciated.
>Farid Jalali
>Mushroom Research Group
>University of Toronto at Mississauga
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No No! Use Klenow and dNTP's instead. The MB nuclease is tricky and you may
end up chewing into the piece. The protocol is simple and quick (15-20 min)
and you can find it in Maniatis or the Red Book. For 3' overhangs, use T4
DNA polymerase. 
No need to kinase the plasmid after polishing.

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