PCR of Blood after Microwave-treating

Robert DeLisio QuintMark at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 8 22:32:11 EST 1998

How were the blood samples collected/stored? If the blood samples were
treated with Heparin prior to amplification then that is a potential source
of your problem. Heparin has been shown (F. Poli, et al. PCR Methods and
Reagents Vol. 2 pp. 356-358 ) to be a strong PCR inhibitor. The
aforementioned article also gives a method for its removal.

Bob DeLisio

Lab.1 wrote in message <357C09A4.C5515282 at mbi.uib.no>...
|I tried to detect a plasmid in mouse blood with PCR (primer for
|amp-region). I treated the blood samples with Microwave, as Ohhara et al
|described in BioTechniques 17:726-728 (1994), but the blood inhibited
|the PCR-reaction. I did not use the same PCR-mix or programme, but my
|plasmid and no blood containing pos. control is nice.....if I add
|plasmid to the blood, it doesn`t work anymore....
|Please, help me.
|Christoph Hotz-Behofsits
|Exchange student at
|University of Bergen / Department of Molecular Biology / Norway

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