How does bleach kill DNA?

Robert DeLisio QuintMark at
Mon Jun 8 21:41:14 EST 1998

See A. M. Prince, L. Andrus  PCR: How to kill unwanted DNA  Biotechniques
Vol. 12, No. 3(?) pp 358-360

In summary, they found that treatment with 2.5% v/v clorox caused extensive
nicking of DNA.10% Clorox was found to prevent PCR amplification of a 600-bp
segment within one minute of template treatment. And 2N HCl did not destroy
DNA detectable by PCR even after a five minute exposure.

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Tom Weaver wrote in message <35768C09.D51B3F35 at>...
|How does bleach destroy DNA?  We are interested in finding a reliable
|way of decontaminating PCR products from our bench tops and from closed
|systems (such as liquid handling robots).  Would acid depurination work
|more efficiently?
|Tom Weaver
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